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Civil War Nutcracker Series by Hanno Jungaenel
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Present Day Military Nutcrackers
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U.S. Naval Officer
Officer with painted brown hair is the only option.  We need to update this photo

One (1) in stock
US Naval Officer
Current inventory has painted brown hair (not fur).

USMC Officer (with fur hair) is now a Special Order item
Please allow 90 days for delivery.  USMC Officer with saber (above right) is in stock


U.S. Soldier in Battler Gear being updated to reflect new US Army uniform.

Soldier shown below in Army Combat Uniform (ACU) can still be special ordered for $79.95.

Special order. 90 day delivery
army ACU

U.S. Marine Corps Officer with Saber

Out of Stock until late March - April 2023

USMC Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) 

Out of Stock until late March - April 2023

US Marine in Battle Gear can be Special Ordered for $59.95. There is approx a 90 day delivery


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