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Tribute to Lothar Junghanel
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                                    Lothar Junghanel  (1929 - 2016)

With regret to inform our friends and customers that Lothar Junghanel passed away on 28 October 2016.  

Lothar was one of the last certified Master Carvers in Germany and has been owner of Drechslerei Junghanel since 1950.  The company started in Zwickau, north of Dresden (East Germany) and moved to Mudau, near Heidelberg (West Germany) in the 1970s

We met Lothar and his son, Hanno, in 1998 and have been good friends ever since.  




Lothar was an outstanding historian of the U.S. Civil War.  His hand carved Civil War nutcrackers were sought after by many people.  We enjoyed working with Lothar each year to add another Civil War figure to the series.


Lothar was an artist and dedicated to authentic work.  He once objected to making a General U.S. Grant "smoker" for me because he told me Ulysses S. Grant smoked a cigar rather than a pipe! 

God Bless you Lothar.  We will miss you.

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